Artist Statement

Through my artwork, I seek to gain a profound understanding of the mysterious island I was born in, the cultural fusion it inherits, and its inhabitants.

My background in industrial design has unconsciously led me to focus on everyday objects. Regarding art as a medium for conveying messages, I attempt to tell stories through the daily scenes I create that depict the relationships among us.

Imaginary Park2017 reflects my warm friendship with children who have intellectual disabilities(喜憨兒). I've learned a great deal from their unbridled thoughts and shared my experiences with the public by co-creating a playground.

With a curiosity about the various perspectives of this island, Wariwari Collection2018 is an attempt to gain a deeper insight into the indigenous culture of the Puyuma tribe. The Puyuma master is reviving the traditional way of living, and the main culture is to keep affiliating with ancestors (祖靈), which reminded me of my relationship with my loving family.

Dedicated to my mother, Marble-made Mahjong2018 showed my reconciliation about the huge personality differences between us. With this permanent material, I found it similar to the philosophy that she wants to pass on to me. By coming to terms with my grandpa's passing, missing days, drifting memories2022 , I tell a story in memory of him as a retired soldier in his post-war tranquility.

Some of my works also showcase my concern for contemporary issues. Modern FOOD Flow©2013 deals with the industrial food chain, while another ongoing project, 覓得居 Midjourney2023, is a research of real estate culture in Taiwan, and how innovative AI technologies will imagine this culture.