Born in 1990, Yiwei Chang is a Taiwanese designer and artist. Living on an island with a subtle political situation and growing up among people who have lived under different regimes for generations, she seeks to interpret her own self-identity.

Intrigued by science and technology, she observes how the environment being treated by human and how the society has been constructed. Through her works and designs, she attempts to catalyze dialogue. Her works could’ve be seen at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art Kanazawa, VT Art Salon, Pon Ding Art Book Store, and Bamboo Curtain Studio.

2017 Taipei New Horizon, Golden Award
2017 Golden Pin Design award, Finalist
2016 Shopping Design Award, BEST100
2016 Taipei Design Award, Visual Communication Design, Golden Award
2016 NTU Challenge, Finalist

Selected Exhibitions

2023 覓得居Midwelling, #FFFFFF, Kaoshiung, Taiwan
2022 Chamber+, VT Artsalon, Taipei, Taiwan
2019 Hualien International Stone Workshop, Taipei, Taiwan
2018 Taitung Design Expo, Taitung, Taiwan
2017 Taipei New Horizon, Taipei, Taiwan
2014 Free Art Fair, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 Design Issue, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 Contemporary Ceramic Art in Asia, Kanazawa, Japan
2013 International Young Designers’ Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan

Featured in Publications
2023 Design Beyond Food, by UOVO Food Design Studio
2018 Taitung Design Expo Exhibition Catalogue, by Taitung County Government
2013 Contemporary Ceramic Art in Asia, by Kanazawa College of Art


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